Friends of the Memorial

Life Members
Mrs. Frances Ales
American Legion Auxilliary Unit Number 182
Mrs. Joyce E. Anderson
Mrs. Mary Cathleen AuBuchon
Jeffrey and Flora Beasley
Charles L. Boulware
Brenner Mortuary, Inc.
Leo M. Brown
Dr. and Mrs. Tom W. Bryant
Tod and Barbara Bunting
Greg and Ellen Carter
Ms. Noralee Chadd
Chicken Annie's of Girard
Mrs. Johna M. Chubb
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Coleman
Barry and Jennifer Coleman
Mary J. Collins
Crain Investments, LLC.
Jane Crain
Justin and Emily Crain
Mr. Robert A. Cussimanio
Carmen M. Davis Flottman Family Living Trust
Dr. and Mrs. Harvey R. Dean
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Devine
Disabled American Veterans, Chapter 2
Mr. and Mrs. Barry D. Draper
Dr. and Mrs. Felix F. Dreher
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon W. Elliott
Michael and Rebecca Elliott
Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Elliott
Susan R. Elliott
Mrs. Maxine Engler
Nancy L. Eshelbrenner
Evergy, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Fears
Mr. and Mrs. John Fields
Mrs. Karen Lucille Finch
Nancy M. Forbes
Stephan and Paula Francis
James J. Gees
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Gill
Eric and Lora Grooms
Hagman Associates, LP
Mr. Robert A. Herrmann
Mr. and Mrs. Harlan L. Hess
Mr. and Mrs. Leroy D. Heusted
Mr. Herbert H. Hickman
Mrs. Betty J. Hight
Victor and Sharon Hinds
Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. Alan D. Hobson
Raymond R. Hoff, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Donald M. Holsinger
Mrs. Dee Hough
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Johnson
Dan and Nicolette Knaup
Mrs. Verna M. Kohler
Mr. and Mrs. George S. Kolath
Mrs. Nanette K. Krumsick
George and Pam Lampe
Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Lee, Jr.
Richard and Libby Lemaster
Mrs. Donna L. Lyerla
Mrs. Geri L. Malle
Mr. and Mrs. Jim A. Manning
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard L. Mansfield
Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Marrone, Jr.
Mr. Ron L. Marrone
Mr. L. Dan Martin
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Mauersberger
Max R. Maxwell
Mr. Richard G. Miller
Scott Alan Miller
Kevin and Frances Mitchelson
Mrs. Mary Lou Murray
CPO (Ret) and Mrs. P. Michael Nelson
ONEOK Resources
Glenda Sue Overbeck
Dr. and Mrs. Sandor Dean Papp, Jr.
Mrs. Cynthia S. Pfannenstiel
PHS Class of 1961
Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. Forest E. Pierce
Mrs. Evelyn L. Pistole
Pittsburg State Army ROTC Corps. of Cadets
Mr. Don R. Porter
Pritchett Foundation
Mr. David Purdy
Mr. Luis R. Rivera
Kirk J. Rupard
Mr. Donald George Sambol
Mrs. Doris H. Sample
Mr. and Mrs. Rex P. Sand
Science Applications International Corporation
Richard and Marlene Sevart
Bonnie L. Smith
Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. Thomas L. Speck
Dr. and Mrs. Steven K. Starr
Lt. Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. Charles Ray Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Todd
Tuffy's Pet Foods, Inc.
VFW Spencer-Yarbrough Post No. 3544
Vicki Marie Wadino
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Wall
Ron and Anita Watts
Mr. and Mrs. David W. White
Wichita Community Foundation
Mr. Ronald G. Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Woodcox
Mr. Rick Woolfolk, Jr.
Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. Donald D. Woolfolk
Mr. Wayne John Young
Robert and Carolyn Zagonel
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Zugmier
Annual Members (Expires May 1, 2023)
Denise B. Anthony
Mr. and Mrs. Steve M. Arnold
Gary and Dorendia Bird
Richard and Sherry Bowin
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Chartier
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Lynn Coffman
Creel Enterprises
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Creel
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Horst
First Baptist Church
Randall and Judy Frymire
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Gorman
Houston and Penny Haley
Larry and Sherri Hicks
Bruce and Paula Jensen
Mr. and Mrs. Glendal King
Loughmiller Motors
Dr. and Mrs. Kenny O. McDougle
Martin V. Mendicki, CFSP
Miscellaneous Donors
Ms. Lynn E. Monroe
Mr. Robert A. Nelson
Steven E. Plagmann
Larry and Tracy Qualls
Mr. and Mrs. Gary G. Schultz
Tank Connection, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Glen E. Terrill
Dr. Harold L. Thomas
Jim and Nicki Tomlinson
Susan E. Voros
Rebecca L. Watt
Lt. Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. James M. Wiles
Mrs. Delores E. Wishart
Richard A. Wright